Keyword Database Sources

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643 Millions of Keywords and Data

643 724 126 keywords with Google AdWords data for each of them. 21Gb unpacked, 3.4Gb in 7Zip archive. ASCII encoding.

Columns: US Searches, US Competition, US Bid Min, US Bid Max. All columns are int32 ($ in cents). The most recent data update was in August, 2020.

4,5 Billions of Keywords

4,599,642,918 long-tail keywords harvested mostly from Google AdWords Keyword tool since 2010. 125Gb unpacked, 20.6Gb in 7Zip archive. ASCII encoding.

There are no data in the list, just a lot of keywords. We have checked each of them in Google AdWords keyword tool, all those with non-zero data went into the above 643 millions list.

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