Max Pastukhov, Founder CEO

It all started back into 2003 with its founder's attempt to launch his first software business. Through trial and error of several marketing automation products over the next 17 years the idea of Adomation was finally born: a company focused on developing fully automated marketing management system according to Action Research methodology and Daniel Kahneman's ideas on decision making.

It's not just about technology, we are truly focused on helping our customers to grow their businesses. It was a rational decision to choose the most painful problem to solve even if it's not sexy for us as software developers.

The big dream of our team is to develop a set of agile business processes and automation tools which will help both us and our customers to grow exponentially.

The idea isn't new to the market, for sure. But, what makes it a perfect fit for Adomation is our focus on Action Research methodology and effective decision making algorithms in everyday tasks. It gives us a chance to find the best possible solution in any given context after a sequence of lazer-targeted one-day iterations. Like "pivoting" but on a much smaller scale.

So, our first goal is to automate marketing and sales of our initial products which will naturally bring much better products over time. We have got some products from the previous venture to start with but they are just an invitation for a talk in this context.

Yet another purpose of these products is to serve as a "sandbox" for marketing processes and tools we develop internally and increase the runway until we reach at least a minimum profitability.

Even if you don't need any of them at the moment, but you have got a burning desire to automate your marketing and sales processes, please contact us - we are always eager to help!


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