Research Process Design and Automation


Our hobby is to learn more about financial markets. It's fun!

We are focused on applied research, generating and testing various hypotheses.

Action Research is at the core of the company, perfectly combining theory and practice.


We do that systematically, by designing and automating corresponding business processes.

It really helps to minimize time and creativity waste on boring technical details like data harvesting, pre-processing and basic analytics.


Process design isn't just a technical jargon. We also strive to make our internal tools and analytics as visual as possible.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A formula with a picture is worth a thousand pictures.



We automate all our processes by integrating internal and third-party tools via smart adapters.

The final goal is to design a fully automated self-enriching knowledge base.


We also utilize Artificial Intelligence (expert systems and machine learning) to automate and optimize our processes, reducing human-specific noise and bias.

On the other hand, we aren't a "pure AI" company because the most part of our work require just a bare minimum of buzzword technologies.